Prairie View Culture Center

Prairie View, Texas

This project is a cultural museum proposed for the city of Prairie View. It will serve as an african-american museum and cultural center to the community and university. In order to acquire african roots into the design, the design is based off two unique symbols of the adinkra tribe of west Africa, the mmere dane and the fawohodie. The building itself is based off the shape of the mmere dane symbol and the path way is in the same style as the fawohodie symbol. just as the mmere dane represents change, the museum does as well: conveying african-american history from the times in africa, slavery, the civil right  era, and into today's society. the beginning of the building shows freedom before slavery but, also will give visitors a gradual sense of bondage as the space of the building decreases before entering the Sculpture garden. only when visitors move to the third galley will they gradually feel rule again as the ceiling and the floor area increases, just as afican-americans fought for today’s equality rights after slavery. The fawohodie pathway represents the independence and freedom from the past bondage and will allow visitors to reflect on the past in order to reach the future.

Process Diagrams

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